Essential Tour

Welcome to Göteborg and the West Coast of Sweden

The Essential Tour is a guided tour around the city of Göteborg which will last approximately 2 hrs.

The Essential Tour focuses on all the major sites inside and closest to the city core including optional photo stops.

The Essential Tour will give the guests an ample overview of the inner city’s major landmarks as well as the immediate surroundings and is typically conducted by coach*.

For more information, please contact adlibint.

Duration 1 hr
week days from 9 am - 6 pm100 EUR incl. VAT
after 6 pm on week days160 EUR incl. VAT
weekends (from Friday 6 pm - Sunday 12 pm)
and bank holidays
+ 25%

Languages: English, French, German, Swedish
Ideal number of guests: 30-50
Season: All year
* Coach is provided by the group