Grand Tour

Welcome to Göteborg and the West Coast of Sweden

The Grand Tour is a guided tour around the whole city of Göteborg which will last approximately 2-4 hrs.

The Grand Tour comprises all the major sites of the city including optional photo stops and/or short walking excursions.

The Grand Tour will give the guests an ample overview of the city’s major landmarks and is typically conducted by coach*

For more information, please contact adlibint

Duration 2 hrs
week days from 9 am - 6 pm170 EUR incl. VAT
after 6 pm on week days290 EUR incl. VAT
weekends (from Friday 6 pm - Sunday 12 pm) and bank holidays+ 25%

Languages: English, French, German, Swedish
Ideal number of guests: 30-50
Season: All year

*Coach is provided by the group